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Veggie Eater: My standard spot when visiting the Farmers Market is Chicago Style Gyros. Eric has informed me this is a chain, but I was completely unaware as it has a hole in the wall feel. I always opt for their falafel, as it really is quite good. On this visit, I had the falafel plate; it was somewhat delayed as my falafel had to be freshly fried. It was served up with hummus (kind of plain), tabbouleh (very good; garlicky, lemony, lots of tangy punch, but no bulgar), Moroccan rice (turmeric seasoned with peas), and pita. Had Eric not been along, would have made a great left over lunch for today (he polished it off for me). Of note, Jamaicaway has lots of wonderful veggie options, but is not open on Saturdays due to religious issues. I’m rarely at the Farmers Market on a weekday and we tend not to go on Sundays, so I rarely get to enjoy their great food.


Meat Eater: We split one order and spent $6 with tax.

Posted by Eric at 8:31 AM

Chicago Gyro remains a popular stop for quick-serve gyros and other Greek and Middle Eastern specialties in the Nashville Farmers' Market food court.

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